In Moscow’s Shadows Podcast

Patreon page for sponsorship:

From text to audio, welcome to the home of the In Moscow’s Shadows podcast. It is hosted on Buzzsprout so you can listen to episodes as they drop here – and through Apple, Google and other podcast directories.

This is an experimental venture and at first I am committing to produce at least one per month, though it tends to be more often. In part, how often it appears, what I discuss, and whether it continues will depend on what support I get, so I am also have a Patreon campaign for anyone who would like to contribute (although the podcast itself is free to all). Do let people know, and consider supporting this venture! Patrons also get advance access to short, news-driven ‘cellcasts’, the right to ask questions for me to consider addressing in the podcast, and other perks beyond my undying thanks!

Below is a video in support of my campaign and also an audio trailer I recorded before launching the podcast.

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