Budapest, Edinburgh, Boston, Gainesville FL…

Just a quick note of some forthcoming speaking events.

I’ll be in Budapest next week, and will be speaking at a public event at Corvinus University on Thursday 23 February on the subject of ‘Russia’s war in Ukraine – Predictions and Scenarios’ sponsored by the thinktank Political Capital, CEA Hungary and the British Embassy. Details are here. (It will also be livestreamed by Political Capital.)

Then, on Thursday 9 March, I have the honour of giving the next (COVID-delayed) Erickson Lecture at Edinburgh University, with the deliberately provocative title ‘What does defeat in Ukraine tell us about Putin’s Russia?’ You can get tickets here – and despite what the graphic says, it is 9 not 8 March! I understand it will go on YouTube afterwards.

On Tuesday 28 March, I will be speaking at the Fletcher School of Tufts University in Boston, while receiving Russia & Eurasia Program’s annual US-Russia Relations Book Prize for my Putin’s Wars, but the details are not yet available.

Finally, on Friday 31 March, I’ll be delivering the John Shelton Curtiss Lecture at this year’s Southern Conference on Slavic Studies in Gainesville, FL (first time I’ve ever been to Florida!). The title of the lecture will be ‘Putin’s Russia and the struggle between autocracy, adhocracy and technocracy.’ More details here.

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