New Book (4): Armies of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Armies of Russia's War in UkraineIt’s actually been out a couple of weeks now, but a quick note that my latest Osprey book, on this dismal, running conflict, is now out. The usual Osprey approach: some history, some analysis, orders of battle (I was quite pleased with the listings of forces on both sides that I compiled, although given how fluid things were, this is always a work-in-progress), photos and pretty artwork plates, in this case by Adam Hook.

Of course, as ever with this conflict, terminology had its own challenges. Is this a Russian-Ukrainian war? (It’s not that simple: yes, Russia agitated, facilitated, arms and pays, but it is also a civil war.) Should one use fighters or militants, militias or terrorists? (I regularly get hassled for now using the last term for the L/DNR fighters, but it really isn’t appropriate, this would be a political epithet, not a correct term of art). Alexander or Olexander? (I let myself be guided by what the individuals themselves use.) Anyway, it was an interesting project and a challenge to try and fit this complex, sprawling, multi-dimensional conflict into 64 pages, but I hope it’s of use.

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  1. It sounds like a very interesting book. I am curious though (and I hope asking to revealing this won’t bringing you into too much trouble with your editor) how did you end up calling the conflict in Ukraine? War or civil war?

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  July 19, 2019

      Sometimes more anodyne words like conflict seemed appropriate, but there is no getting away from it: this is a war, this is a Russian war in Ukraine (hence the title), but the thing is that it this *also* a civil war. Those who feel it is entirely spun out of nowhere by Moscow miss the point, and it is this very complexity that makes the situation so problematic.

  2. Bought it and read it- enjoyed it immensely. Given the limitations of the format (The consistent series format being simultaneously the best and worst things about Osprey books) I think it is a great primer on the conflict.



  1. New Book (4): Armies of Russia’s War in Ukraine – To Inform is to Influence

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