September Publications Round-Up

Here’s September’s articles and miscellaneous acts of punditry:

An expert’s guide to Putin’s propaganda playbook’, CNN Opinion, 29 September

Putin Is Playing by Grozny Rules in Aleppo,’ Foreign Policy, 29 September

Expert: Putin’s Reported Plan to Restore KGB May Reflect Fear of Overthrow’Voice of America 26 September [interview]

Mark Galeotti on the Russian elections,’ IIR video briefing, 23 September

Why Putin might be trying to recreate the Soviet-era KGB — and why he might regret it,’ Vox, 20 September

‘”New KGB” plans betray Putin’s anxiety,’ ECFR Commentary, 19 September

RFE/RL Facebook Live video broadcast on the Russian elections, 18 September

Kremlin Kabuki,’ RFE/RL Power Vertical podcast, 16 September

Goodbye, Bastrykin?,’ openDemocracy: Russia, 15 September

Window on the East: Russia votes for a new Duma. Will it result in protests or status quo?’, Business New Europe podcast, 15 September [podcast]

Russians can make a difference in Sunday’s elections: by staying at home,’ Business New Europe, 14 September

As the Russian military faces cuts, Putin will lose muscle,’ Business New Europe, 12 September

Putin’s Original Sin,’ RFE/RL Power Vertical podcast, 9 September

Incidentally, just a reminder to people that from 1 September I have been a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague — I am no longer at NYU. Do follow the IIR’ twitter feed (@IIR_PRG) for a Central European take on international affairs.

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  1. The KGB article on Vox was particularly interesting. We’ll just have to see what happens to the Kremlin (and the rest of russia) because of this.

    But what’s your thoughts in Russia putting Iskanders in Kaliningrad?

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  October 12, 2016

      Thanks! I see the Iskander move as essentially theatre rather than a serious threat, and maybe even a chip to be traded later. It’s a classic Russian tactic: make an aggressive move, then earn brownie points later for taking it back…


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