April 2016 Publications Round-Up

Slightly premature, as there may be an eleventh-hour addition, but here is the April tally:

The Panama Papers show how corruption really works in Russia,’ Vox, 4 April

Moscow’s mercenaries in Syria,’ War On The Rocks, 5 April

Zolotov: Kadyrov’s Golden Roof?,’ Russia! magazine, 12 April

Russia’s ‘Panamization’ of politics,’ Business New Europe, 13 April

Bastrykin’s manifesto for the ‘North Koreanisation’ of Russia‘, Business New Europe, 18 April

Марк Галеотти: «Иногда мафию от бизнеса даже не отличишь»‘, interview in Slon, 19 April [in Russian]

The Putin myth: the Russian leader isn’t nearly as powerful as you think,’ Vox, 19 April

Assessing the myth of Vladimir Putin,’ interview with NPR, 28 April

Rusijos ekspertas Markas Galeotti: „Vladimirui Putinui Baltijos šalys nerūpi“‘, interview with 15.min, 28 April [in Lithuanian]

What makes Vladimir Putin so special?‘, interview podcast for Reuters War College, 29 April [ADDED]

I’d also add that I am now a contributing editor for Russia for Intellinews Business New Europe, so expect to see more of my thoughts there in the future…


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  1. Christopher Hades

     /  April 29, 2016

    Thanks for posting these publications.

    Now a lot of people are saying that America’s new cruise missile will be destabilizing and will make Russia launch a first nuclear strike against the U.S. and Europe. Is this something to be concerned about?

  2. Will we see any write ups regarding all the recent “Top Gun” style encounters?

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  May 1, 2016

      Eh, I honestly don’t see them as being that objectively important; they say something about Putin’s gamesmanship, but in the grand scheme of things I think the best response is to ignore such displays. Maybe I will write something on this, so watch this space!

  3. Christopher Hades

     /  May 12, 2016

    Hi Mr. Galeotti,

    Is it okay if I ask you a question? Because something’s REALLY scaring me!

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  May 14, 2016

      There’s a contact form on the website to send me messages direct…


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