November 2015 Publications Round-Up

Here’s the latest update on my various publications, covering November 2015.

‘The Baltic Intelligence war: hotting up, and back to the Cold War,’ in Andris Spruds (ed), Riga Conference Papers 2015 (Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2015)

ISIS, or Isn’t It a Threat to Russia?’Russia! magazine, 2 November

What Could Possibly Go Wrong in Russia’s Syrian Gambit?‘, Moscow Times, 5 November

One Economic Sector Booming in Russia: Corruption,’ English-language version of report for Radio Svoboda, published by Henry Jackson Society, 10 November

STOLYPIN: Will 2016 see the three Russias diverging?,’ Business New Europe, 16 November

Moscow faces terror threat it can handle‘, Moscow Times, 19 November

A Russia expert explains how Putin will likely respond to his downed plane‘, interview with Vox, 24 November

Russia’s Intervention in Syria can only Slow Down Assad’s Defeat,’ interview with Visegrad Insight, 25 November

Why did it take Turkey just 17 seconds to shoot down Russian jet?’, Guardian – New East Network, 26 November

Turkey ‘Ambushed’ Russian Su-24 to Protect Its ‘Proxies’ in Syria‘, interview with Sputnik, 26 November

Three Putins Leave Us All Guessing,’ Russia! magazine, 30 November

Some you win, some you lose: Russia’s foreign policy in 2015‘, interview with Russia Direct, 30 November

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  1. Mark. I have strong dislike of being required to chase around to find something, that someone might have said, so I can boost their marketing figures.
    If you have something to say on your Blog then say.
    I am 200 pages through a first draft Novel and I am not chasing you around the world; much as I value your words.

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  December 8, 2015

      No problem, just ignore these posts. I started them because I had correspondents, especially those not active on Twitter, who said they’d find it useful, so it’s really for them. But anyone who doesn’t want to follow the links is under no compulsion to do so!


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