Sochi has (almost) nothing to fear but fear itself – on CNN GPS

News potential female terrorists – so-called “black widows” – may be loose inside or around the Sochi Winter Olympics security zone has inevitably stirred up fresh concerns about the Games. Athletes and prospective visitors are wondering if they will be safe. The United States is preparing plans in case its citizens need to be evacuated. The more the conversation about Sochi is about the threat, though, the more the terrorists have won – and a cheap victory at that.

Just a note to the effect that an op.ed of mine on–what else?–the Sochi Winter Games is up on the CNN Global Public Square site, here.

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  1. Sadly, Putin has engineered the VERY real threat of terrorist attack, in ways obvious to most sentient adults. He created Islamist suicide terrorists where there were virtually none. I’d hate to see the games attacked, but I could not take such risk to attend.


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