Talking about Russian organized crime in Prague, March 19

Invite Mark Galeotti

With post-Soviet (Armenian) organized crime boss Andranik Soghoyan being convicted in absentia to 22 years in prison in Prague Municipal Court, and with the commercial rivalry over the Temelin nuclear power initiative leading to inevitable dark mutterings about Russian criminal and espionage activities in the Czech Republic, I’m especially pleased to be speaking about the myths and the realities of Russian organized crime in Prague in a couple of weeks’ time. It’s a public event organized by NYU’s Prague Center and PIDEC, the Prague Institute for Democracy, Economics & Culture, and is open to all (please RSVP if you plan to attend, but the email address on the poster may not be working, in which case please use

I’ll cover developments in Russia a little, but mainly look at how Russian and Russia-based organized crime has — and has not — spread internationally, and what its real relationships with the intelligence services are. Considering that I think Prague and the Czech Republic risk becoming a renewed focus of their operations, it seems to be a timely opportunity to discuss these guys.

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  1. Dr. Galeotti: For those of us unable to attend, it would be a valuable feature if you were able to arrange for a digital recording of this event. The fact that the lecture will be delivered to those folks “closer to the source” and “under the gun” may provide us with an interesting dynamic. Is it within possibilty to plan for a youtube clip of this for those of us who follow your work but are not able to be there? In any case – best of luck.

    • Mark Galeotti

       /  March 6, 2013

      It’s not my gig, so I don’t know whether this will be possible. I’ll try and find out, though, and if it is, will post details here.


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