New Badges for the Russian Police

According to the Marker business weekly, the MVD is spending over 20 million rubles ($650,000) on half a million new police arm badges, to be delivered by December 15. Generally, these will be black with a symbol and a colored edging showing the specific service and rank. They look a little tackily plastic, but that may just be the pictures. We’ll see.

These are presumably intended to go with their new(ish) uniforms.

The standard sleeve badge is reproduced here (the glossier new badge is on the right), with the new metal ‘shield’ badge below, but are you a true cop-wonk eager to see the full range of new badges? Then…

These images show (on the left) the old badges, with their replacements on the right. First, we have the badges for transport elements, the ‘extra-departmental guard’ (the MVD’s rent-a-cop private security arm) and educational services.

Next are the badges for the MVD’s central staff, the GAI traffic police and a new one, for the heads of territorial MVD commands.

Then come badges for the public order and special operations forces, respectively. (The latter doesn’t mean the OMON riot police now called the KON but the former OMSN, now known as the KSN).

Then, we have the badges for the interior service and the justice service of the MVD (which is not the same as the Justice Ministry or the Procuracy) and a reprise of badges for the central staff.

And finally, badges for the support and investigations elements and the Federal Migration Service (part of the MVD).

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